Caring for our Community

The word “Doula” is Greek for servant or helper, like a birth Doula supports families with the birthing process, a Death Doula or End of life Doula supports an individual and their loved ones through the dying proc​ess.

As a Death Doula, I am here to empower, educate an​d encourage individuals and their families to make decisions on their dying process. My role can supplement and go beyond hospice, and my hope is to provide emotional, spiritual and physical support to all involved. The services provided include but are not limited to creating death plans, creating advanced care plans, providing information on end of life choices in our area, building relationships with individuals and advocating for their needs and wishes.

A Doula’s support can relieve stress and burdensome tasks from family in order to provide care for the dying individual but also gives the individual psychological and emotional support in the process.​